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Jimmy. That’s the name of the guy who started everything. He has a beard, of course. As he made it grow, it became difficult to keep it cool. He tried oils, but the oils were usually a disappointment. Either the beard was sticky, or the oil had a strange smell. Petrol, orange, honey. No, nothing felt right. Who wants to smell like an old gasolinemack?


 A forest walk changed everything. That’s how it’s going to smell, he thought. Fresh and natural. Jimmy found a friend who could make a beard oil just as he wanted it. It was the start of a whole new line of beard products for those who do not want any flaws. Oil that does not stick, smells that are directly derived from the Swedish forest – and quite ecological, of course. It became Beardcrown. Now we are developing a whole range of products that polish the crown on your masculinity. Your beard

Customer: Beardcrown
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