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Frequently Asked

How much is it for film?

That is a question without a specific answer. It depends on the length, location, purpose, time it takes to record and extras. Call or email us and we will make sure to find a price that fits your budget!

Why is it so pricy for film and photo?

Shooting a movie or taking photos is more than just pressing a button. We spend hours on planning, finding locations, music, writing scripts and creating storyboards. After a photo/film shoot is done the next part begins, editing, which means several of hours in front of the computer. And lets not talk about the stupid amount of money spent on gear…

Do you build websites as well?

We do have the knowledge but it is not something that we promote. However, if you are looking for a clean and affordable website, hit us up and we will make something good!

Are you hiring?

Underdog is a startup company which means that we are not driving lamborghinis and swimming in dollar bills just yet. However, if you are a person with drive and have an interest for photo/film, hit us up and we’ll take a coffee and talk!

What gear do you use?

Film: Lumix GH5
Photo: Canon 6D Mark II
Air: Mavic Air

Bredbandet 1, 39234 Kalmar. Sweden


076 193 90 61

About Underdog

Underdog is a production company with a great focus on detail. Our goal is to provide you with the best content regarding film and photo. Call us and we you will not be disappointed!


Bredbandet 1, 39234
Kalmar Sweden

+46 76 193 90 61

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